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Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo 2013
Hall 15, 23-26 september 2014
Moscow, Crocus Expo
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The 50 best experts of coffee and tea industry will share their experience within Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo 2013.
Reg C Barber
Master in creating tampers and trophies for the championships
Sakkeer Hussain
Director Tea Promotion, Tea Board of India
Dan Streetman
Head Judge of the United States Barista Championship, the founder of Barista Guild and green coffee buyer of Irving Farm
Ettore Scagliola
La Marzocco service-manager
Sonja Björk Grant
Head Judge of the World Barista Championship
Asli Yaman
Chief Roast Master at Soyuz Coffee Roasting
Gwilym Davies
The champion of World Barista Championship 2009, the owner of the Prufrock cafe and a member of the Board of Directors Specialty Coffee Association of Europe
Fritz Storm
One of the founders of the Barista Camp and one of the most renowned international trainer
Nikolay Chistyakov
LES/cafe LES roast master
Dmitriy Koryukin
Authorized SCAE Trainer (AST), roaster, and the head of the project OMNI Barista School
Timur Dudkin
Head of green coffee quality for Mare Terra, Chief Trainer IECAFE, AST SCAE Trainer
Victor Enin
Head of club "Chahigh tea & ice cream"
Colin Harmon
Four-time winner of the WBC Ireland and the owner of the 3FE cafe in Dublin.
Sergey Horolskii
General director “Turquoise TeaCo Ltd.”
Nicolay Khyuppenen
Head of Regional Department of the company «Franke»
Olga Melik-Karakozova
Owner "Double B Coffee & Tea". Four-time Barista champion of Russia, chief-barista
Viktoriya Kashirceva
World Latte Art Champion 2012
Andrea Curtarelli Export Area Manager. La Marzocco
Stephen Leighton
Managing Director of Has Bean Coffee Ltd. , Stafford, UK; co-owner of 3 Floor Espresso in Dublin
Alexander Malchik
CEO “Montana Coffee”
Alexey Mstislavskiy
General director “Teapolis”
Sergey Shevelev
Head of the project Moychay.ru
Denis Shumakov
Advertising manager “Turquoise TeaCo Ltd”
Christopher Speirs
The National coordinator of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) in Russia, general director of North-West Coffee Company
Enrico Wurm
La Marzocco service manager and WBC Technical Judge
Christopher Michael Tara-Browne
General Director “Traveler’s Coffee”
Anna Tsfasman
Owner and general director "Double B Coffee & Tea"
Alexander Tsibaev
Head of sales Mahlkoenig, Dalla Corte, Ditting “Franke”
Morten Wennersgaard
Founder of the Nordic Approach Coffee Importers – a forward thinking green coffee importer in Europe.
Jens H Thomsen
Brand manager for Loring Roasting Machines in Europe and Russia
Stephen Leighton
Managing Director of Has Bean Coffee Ltd. , Stafford, UK; co-owner of 3 Floor Espresso in Dublin
Michael de Renouard
Michael de Renouard is Solberg & Hansen roaster, SCAE Authorized trainer



  • vending coffee machines
  • capsule coffee machines
  • automatic coffee machines
  • super automatic coffee machines
  • classical coffee machines
  • filter coffee machines
  • alternative ways of brewing equipment
  • coffee grinders
  • roasters
  • tea brewing equipment
  • package


  • coffee and tea brewing tableware
  • coffee and tea tableware
  • accessories


  • green bean
  • roasted bean
  • instant coffee
  • tea bags
  • herbal tea


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What's New

Asli Yaman and Gwilym Davies will be holding a seminar at Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo
September 27, 12:40
SWEET SPOT PARTY Caribbean Night is coming up!
September 27, 12:36
Victoria Borisova-Zharova and Lyudmila Vasilyeva will talk about the mysterious world of the East
September 27, 12:32
Alexander Tsibaev and Tatiana Elizarova: the art of tasting
September 27, 12:30

Coffee and Tea Map

The area with competitions. You can find more information in the events program.
In order to get the right direction at Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo and to find the right event we divided space into thematic halls. The direction signs are located over the whole territory and pocket size schemes are prepared to help you to find the right way.
Main Business Stage
On The Air
The Coffee Box
Room For Judges
Tea Garden
Samovar Bar
Back Stage
Brew Bar
The Lab. Open Space
The Lab.
Conference Zone
Tea Garden
Main Business Stage
The Lab. Open Space
On The Air
Samovar Bar
Room For Judges
Brew Bar
The Coffee Box
Back Stage
The Lab. Conference Zone


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Main Business Stage
Super automatic battle
The Coffee Box
The Lab.
Brew Bar
Tea Garden
Moscow Coffee
and Tea Festival
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Main Business Stage
Business program for owners and managers of hotels, bars, cafes etc.
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Main Business Stage
Program of events

In cooperation with the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo for its 2013 event, Nuova Simonelli and Business Russia are launching a unique educational program called Coffeeducation League—Russia 2013.

Coffeeducation League—Russia 2013 was born from the Barista League Championships that took place in 2012, where participants showed their skills in crafting latte art, espresso, cappuccinos, and signatures drinks, in both pairs as well as teams.

The educational program is a series of high-level courses dedicated to the most topical and relevant aspects of the current specialty coffee industry. This year, the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo will welcome Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon; 2009 World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies; and 2002 World Barista Champion Fritz Storm. Foreign experts were invited by Nuova Simonelli and Business Russia.

The first of these events took place on March 16 in Moscow in the café, LES, which is well known for its quality coffee and high level of service. A roaster as well as a café, LES offers only single origin coffee. Its overall friendly, focused atmosphere made LES the perfect place to host such an event.

The speakers for this first event were Stephen Leighton, who is the managing director of Has Bean Coffee Ltd., in Stafford, U.K.; and three-time Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon, who co-owns Third Floor Espresso in Dublin. Stephen spoke about coffee origins, the best practices for evaluating beans, and the way processing centers for coffee work. Colin spoke about water: how it influences the taste of coffee, how to change the extraction, and how ratio effects the coffee overall.

The final stage of the Coffeeducation League—Russia 2013 will take place October 3 within the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo at the Main Business Stage. Fritz Storm—a sought-after consultant and co-founder of The Barista Camp — will return to Moscow to lead this session.

On the Main Business Stage at the Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo, Fritz will lead workshop participants through the coursework in two parts: the first will focus on the growing of coffee and how a thorough understanding of what happens on the farm positively effects the quality of the coffee. Fritz will share his experience of traveling around the world visiting coffee farms, including his knowledge of coffee production, harvest, selection, and the latest trends. He will advise participants on how explaining coffee production to customers can leave them with unforgettable and emotional experiences, which can secure them as longtime loyal customers.

Each participant will take a test at the end of the event, and the top finisher will win a trip to Japan to attend The Barista Camp with founders Fritz Storm and Kentaro Maruyama.

The Barista Camp is a unique event that is held in Japan at Kentaro’s roastery. The camp unites baristas and coffee producers from all over the world. During the three-day course, participants not only attend lectures but share the experience with each other, which helps them all in learning about community and the coffee industry.

The Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo team is also collaborating with Business Russia and Nuova Simonelli to present other events for the Coffeeducation League October 1, 2, and 4.

The legendary Gwilym Davies—2009 WBC Champion, owner of London’s popular Prufrock café, and a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe—and Colin Harmon will host classes on topics that will interest baristas, café managers, and managing directors.

Gwilym’s program will consist of lectures about determining the perfect recipe for espresso, in which he will discuss the importance of the right dose, yield, and temperature. He will include theoretical and practical coursework called “Brewing With the Champions,” that should prove interesting to those who are interested in pursuing an alternative brewing menu, which is a new and very popular trend in the coffee industry. Gwilym will be joined by Russian coffee experts Nikolay Christyakov (café LES), Asli Yaman (Soyuz Coffee Roasting), and Dmitry Koryukin (OMNI Coffee( who will talk about roasting in Russia, and how styles, appearance, and also the taste of coffee (both espresso and filter) differ around the world; the impact of roast profiling on blending, brewing, and customer preference, and what to choose for espresso: single origins or blends.

The reigning Irish Barista Champion, Colin Harmon, who made it to the final round of the World Barista Championship in 2013, will talk about the methods that he uses at Third Floor Espresso to differentiate his business from other cafés, and to engage customers in the understanding of specialty coffee. Colin will present a number of strategies that can be used in business to not only make excellent coffee, but to insure that customers develop an appreciation of what baristas are doing, in order to insure the customers come back. Colin will also hold a course called “Brewing With the Champions” and will talk about his preferred method of brewing—Chemex—and what factors you should focus on while brewing it. The class will then steer toward measuring extractions and how standards in brewing will be changed in the coming years.

Super automatic battle
Innovations for your future coffee and tea business.
Program of events

    Super automatic battle – the future of your business:

  • New products area, fresh ideas and high-quality services
  • Business meeting area
  • The latest achievements and market trends.

    Area includes the following solutions:

  • vending machines
  • capsule coffee machines
  • automatic coffee machines
  • classic coffee machines
  • filter coffee machines
  • alternative coffee brewing equipment
  • tea brewing equipment
  • roasting equipment
  • manual and automatic coffee grinders
  • water purification equipment
  • tools and gadgets
  • accessories
  • tableware etc.

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover and test new technologies, designed to improve productivity and communication to customers.
Private consultations will become the last step of the program.

Get ready for major innovations!

The Coffee Box
Fascinating program for baristas.
Download program
The Coffee Box
Program of events To watch the layout

The Coffee Box is a unique vivid program of national and international events, prepared in partnership with Traveller's Coffee and manufacturer of high-quality coffee machines La Marzocco. The Coffee Box there will introduce the most interesting workshops of highly skilled professionals in the coffee segment.

And the most important thing! Moscow Barista Championship 2014 will take place at the area, it will be judged by Dan Streetman and Sonja Björk Grant.

Barista, showed the best results, will get into the final round of the Russian Barista Championship 2014.

The first 6 places will receive trophies from the legendary Reg Barber! Also, the winner will receive a prize from the technical partner of the contest – the coffee machine Linea 1EE.

The program of The Coffee Box area promises a lot of interesting tastings and presentations on current topics from the world of coffee.

The Lab.
From Bean to Cup: Coffee: how it grows, how it’s stored and served.
Coming soon
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The Lab
Rules and application form
Russian Roasting Championship
Program of events

The Lab. is an exclusive project of Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo, laboratory «behind the glass» for carrying out tests and experiments with coffee.

The glass room is equipped with everything necessary for a thorough job with coffee: coffee bean analysis, research with coffee, checking the quality of green coffee, defect detection, coffee roasting, cupping organizations, etc. Visitors will learn about all the fine details of coffee: how it grows on plantations and stored, what factors affect its quality, what are qualitative methods of roasting, what are alternative methods of roasting coffee and much more. And also visitors will take part in cupping, during which sort out the differences between the varieties and processing methods. Timur Dudkin, Authorized SCAE Trainer and head of green coffee quality for Mare Terra , will be holding certification courses for baristas and cuppers – Barista Skills Foundation, Barista Skills Intermediante and Cup Tasting. Sensory Intermediate. The maximum number of course participants for Barista Skills are 16 people, Sensory Intermediate – 24 people. The lucky ones who have been trained with the professional, at the end of the course will receive a certificate for their modules of diplomas!

The most important component of the program are the national competitions – Russian Roasting Championship 2014 and Russian Alternative Cup Tasters Championship 2013. Roasters will fight for the right to represent Russia in the final of World Coffee Roasting Championship 2014.

Brew Bar
Coming soon
Download program
Brew Bar
Program of events

In the interactive zone Brew Bar visitors will try flavored coffee, brewed in alternative ways: from Chemex to super-automatic coffee machine, from classic espresso and cappuccino to all kinds of cocktails on the basis of coffee. Guests will learn everything about coffee from the different countries – Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, El Salvador, and others. More than 10 well-known companies will be holding cupping-sessions and degustation. RVC is official partner of Brew Bar area.

Profile Challenge will take place on this area – championship, wherenot roasters or company, butroasting profiles compete with each other. Visitors of the exhibition will test the coffee samples from the participants and choose the winner!

Tea Garden
Tea business: Workshops, Master-Classes, Tastings and Tea Ceremonies.
Coming soon
Download program
Tea Garden
Program of events To watch the layout

Tea Garden – The business of tea. An educational area featuring workshops, master-classes, tastings and tea ceremonies.

    Target audience:
  • Owners, managers and bar-managers of restaurants, hotels, cafes and tea-rooms
  • Connoisseurs of tea
  • Distributors of tea and related products
  • Distributors of tea making and service equipment.

Business topics addressed include: how to open your own tea-room, how to purchase a good price tea, how to increase the income of your own tea-room etc.

For the first time in Russia – a program all about national herbal teas and their application in modern tea business. Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo looks at the history of herbal teas, and the ritual that surrounds them and how you can use herbal tea to create a special atmosphere in your business.

Moscow Coffee and Tea Festival
Premium coffee and tea, a friendly atmosphere, and some surprises from Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo organizers and partners.
Coming soon
Download program Moscow Coffee and Tea Festival
Program of events

Barista party – an evening in a pleasant company of professionals and their friends. Surprises and gifts from organizers and partners of Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo.
Location : Moscow well-known cafes and tea-rooms.

Coming soon
Download program Championships
Program of events

Premiere! Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo presents the new project – Championships! Here you will see competing baristas, and know who will win the title.

Timur Dudkin, Head of green coffee quality for Mare Terra, will hold Russian Alternative Cup Tasters Championship 2013. More than 30 professionals will compete for the title of the winner!

Sonja Björk Grant, Head Judge of the World Barista Championship, and Dan Streetman, Head Judge of United States Barista Championship, will choose the best barista iat the Moscow Barista Championship 2014. Finalists will receive a ticket to the Russian Barista Championship 2014.

The winner will receive a coffee machine La Marzocco LINEA 1EE and the cup made by legendary Reg С Barber.

Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo will be proud to host Russian Coffee Roasting Championship 2014, Profile Challenge and the Grind and Brew.


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Chief of the project
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